Flat Rate Pricing

Southington Orthodontics is proud to be the first practice in the area to offer Flat Rate Pricing

Braces: $196 down + $196/month for 24 months = $4,900

The rate above is BEFORE insurance benefits. Actual out of pocket expenses may be considerably lower. Just call and we can let you know.

Why Flat Rate?

Flat rate pricing allows us to focus on the three things we care about most: Quality, Transparency, and Affordability.

Quality: Flat Rate Pricing means less time spent on gimmicky promotions, less time spent working on finances, and most importantly, less time spent out of work and school for our patients and parents. This translates to more time spent delivering the high quality care that makes our patients proud to be part of the Southington Orthodontics family.

Transparency: No more shopping around, looking for discounts, or wondering if you "got the best deal." No dental office should remind you of a used car dealership. We want you to know what treatment costs without having to take time off from work or school. When you do come in, we can use the time to discuss what options you have to create a perfect smile and a healthy bite.

Affordability: While our prices may rise over time, we will always strive to keep them as fair as possible. It will always be our goal to make high quality orthodontic treatment as affordable and accessible as possible. Everyone deserves to be proud of their smile. The offer above includes in-house interest free financing to help you or your child receive great care at an affordable price. 

Can I Still Use My Dental Insurance?

Absolutely! Just call in and Beth, our financial coordinator, will help you understand your insurance benefits and how you can apply them towards your treatment. We are in-network with most insurance providers which means you will get the highest possible benefit. If you decide to improve your smile with us, we will even handle the paperwork for you. 

Do You Offer any Discounts If I Pay in Full?

Yes. If you wish to pay in full on the day of your bonding we offer a 5% book keeping discount. We spend less time and money tracking payments and we pass those savings directly back to you.

This Price is a Lot Lower Than What I've Seen Other Places, What's the Catch?

You stumped us with this one... We use the same high quality materials as every other office and our Harvard and UConn trained doctor has surrounded himself with an incredible team. We have the latest technology and a brand new office. Oh wait, we remember! We have no marketing budget:) Crazy what those marketing numbers add up to, isn't it? But hey - if spending less keeps you up at night we can help direct you somewhere that will charge you more. 

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